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What is SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation?

Put simply, having a great website isn’t good enough these days as you need a great website that answers to the needs of your customers, but crucially you need you website to be found online in the proverbial needle and the haystack scenario the internet presents.

SEO is the process by which your website is improved to achieve higher results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How does SEO work?

SEO is not magic or science. It is however, a process of website improvement in Search Engine rankings that has many factors that contribute to success that include various technical, creative and marketing elements, both on your website and off it and it is our job to combine all of these elements, relevant to your specific business and your specific needs to achieve not just better search results, but to improve your conversion of visitors to sales.

Technical Improvements

Technical SEO focuses on the non content related performance of your website performance and includes things like website load time improvements and hosting environments, WordPress updates, sitemaps, crunching and caching images, backlink and internal link clean ups plus hundreds of other technical SEO aspects.

Content Improvement

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. Without one, your efforts on the other are severely diminished as your keyword research won’t do you much good if you dont use those keywords in your content.

Content needs to be created for search engines and customers alike as they are a package deal so your content needs to be written in a style and format that attracts the search engines but is then good enough to retain the visitors it attracts.

Local SEO takes the concept of audience focused content and other ranking signals to make better use of your business location and that of your target audience to maximise the potential of location based search, which is becoming increasingly important.

By looking at all of the ways you your publish content we look to identify areas of improvement in order to maximise the visibility of your content and its resonance with your audience.

Website User Experience 

When you have attracted new audience to your website, you have fulfilled one part of the marketing equation. This next is to keep your visitors engaged during their time on your website for long enough to maximise your chances of that visitors making contact with your business, be it to buy, to enquire or what other call to action you use.

We look at how your visitors progress through and interact with your site so we can maximise the rate of conversion.

Be it more members, sign up’s or sales, the principle is the same in that you need to improve the user experience so as to improve the chance of them staying on your website long enough to be engaged and respond.

Measurement & Improvement 

Through Google Analytics to Ranking Improvement Reports and client feedback (in terms of ROI, Sales etc) we need to understand how the strategy is being felt offline, in the real world of your business.

SEO & PPC Marketing have a cost attached and like any form of sales & marketing activity the investment needs a return that ensures the marketing spend is justified.

There is no point in continuing with any offline or online sales and marketing activity if you need sales but the cost of sales exceeds your revenue.

This is where many Google PPC Account Strategists fail, as do many SEO consultants as they dont have the commercial awareness to know that if you spend £90 (on your SEO or PPC marketing) to recieve £100 of sales, that the remaining £10 is not pure profit and that there are other business costs involved.

Why is Edible SEO Different?

Whilst you may have one of our Google certified Strategists working on your PPC campaign to improve the Cost Per Click, or an SEO copywriter working on your latest blog post, all projects are overseen by myself, Lee Oakley.

With 20 years of commercial experience at executive director level, 20 years of SEO strategy and over 10 years as a Sales & Marketing Consultant to small, medium and corporate clients in digital technology, manufacturing, R&D, retail, finance, hotels and restaurants to some of the biggest in the energy and legal sectors, Edible has the commercial awareness to support search marketing campaigns from less than £500 a month to in excess of £250k a month.


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      • Technical, National, International and Local SEO
      • Holistic SEO, Search Engine Optimisation for long term results
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