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Here are some Web Design and Creative posts from Edible Marketing that show the good bad and the downright ugly when it comes to websites and a look at some best practice hints and tips so you can get the most from your online presence.

Whether your web site is to showcase products or service, a means to disseminate information, foster support for an idea or cause in order to engage with your audience the effectiveness of your website and your overall web design is just as important as the message being conveyed.

With all other things being equal between you and you competitors a well executed web site will see you when the audience. 

Edible Marketing are a full service agency covering domain names and web hosting through web design and developement to search marketing and SEO.

Free web templates, No such thing as a free lunch

Are free web templates really free? A free lunch or ride may have a hidden, non monetary cost or obligation attached to it in the real world, but do the same rules apply in the virtual realm. Is there such a thing as a free website? What are free web templates? A website template is [...]

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