Holistic SEOBuyer beware, focus on the word spam and not SEO

In the last month I have received about 200+ emails from various Gmail accounts either directly or via the Admin notifications for spam comments left via the various client news and blogs I update but worryingly, I have also heard stories first hand from people who have thought about engaging with these spammers in services considered the exact opposite of holistic SEO and as sure as death and taxes will see your site get penalised.

If it sounds too good to be true?

Just like the many people who still think its worth the risk bidding £30 on eBay for a Wolex watch or Pravda handbag as worse come to worse, you lose the £30 there are some business owners that think when it comes to their business website, 10,000 back links at $25 is worth a punt and even if it doesn’t come off, all they will lose is the money sent via Paypal.

Wrong. What can happen is that Google has always, currently still does and will continue to root out bad links and bad content and in doing that, if you have engaged in such practices, you risk being de-listed from Google altogether.

Its Spam not Holistic SEO

If you received a spam email. You know the type. There is never your name on the email. It will be from a Gmail account but purport to be a business who is the best Indian SEO company in the world. But the website they list usually isn’t even up because its ISP has taken it down because of all the spam complaints.

The email will be from John.he90u02u32034@gmail.com but be signed off from Sanjey or Suresh and it will have the Can Spam paragraph trying to fool you it isn’t spam? All ridiculous and all tactics of a spammer and whilst you may think losing $25 is no big deal, (and it isn’t really in the big scheme of things) but will your website being de-listed and losing all your hard earned search terms help, hinder or devastate your business?

Google De-listing Can take several months to repair

With a Google de-listing it is often a better idea to choose another domain name and start again as you have to be pretty damn convincing to get Google to listen and even if it does it can take months for you to even appear for a search of your own business name, never mind anything remotely resembling a valuable search term.

Why Does Google De-list?

Google is an online oracle and it wants to serve its customers (you the web searcher) with web results that are the most relevant to what search you are doing. And as any SEO guru will tell you, two of the most important things for SEO, is content and links.

But not just any content and links, quality content and links. And just like 200 articles written by Sanjey in Mumbai for $10 are nonsensical, meaningless, unreadable articles (often copy and pasted) that your customers will think you are a moron and leave your website, link farms are just as damaging.

Google is trying to find the best websites that offer the best content for a given search and because of that content have acquired good links to it in an organic way. Link Farms are on Google’s radar and their naughty list and by signing up to them many people are feeling the fallout.

Just like fake prescription medicines are not going to contain a warning they may have rat poison in and be a risk to your health, spammers don’t advertise the risks to their links farms?

If the product was any good they wouldn’t need to send spam to attract customers would they?

The best form of search engine optimisation work is not one that gets just results, but one that keeps those results free from the regular Google updates that seek to root out irrelevance and mediocrity.

Google, Yahoo and Bing reward relevant and engaging content so by following these guidelines and only using holistic seo practices (as we do) you are best placed to get your search rankings and keep them.

If you want not just good or ethical SEO, but quality holistic SEO services then Edible SEO Liverpool is on hand to deliver search engine optimisation results that will help your business (not hinder it) in the short, medium and long term.

Simply drop us a quick message with your web site address and preferred key words and we will be in touch.