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97% of Businesses on TripAdvisor worry about Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management has long been a concern for business owners but ironically one of the biggest sources of negative business mentions in the travel and hospitality sector, namely TripAdvisor has come out and said that in survey it conducted some 97% of business owners think managing their online reputation is very important and remains [...]

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Lessons in PR Disasters – Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert

Looking at what Lessons in PR Disasters the modern marketings communications (MarCom) industry gives us the Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert has some good insight, not least the one of not hijacking a protest message and momentum to sell your product. Whilst small to medium businesses may make their own marketing mistakes, unless they are truly Doing [...]

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Negative tweets can benefit a brand, says Domino’s marketing director

Is online reputation management dead? Negative tweets can prove beneficial to a brand by driving “a lot of interest”, according to Simon Wallis, the marketing director of Domino’s Pizza. Although it should be pointed out that Domino's Marketing Director wasn't referring to any and all types of negative tweets, Wallis was speaking in reference to [...]

DailyMail to start GoComplain Service

Don't worry the headline to this blog item is about as accurate and informative as a real DailyMail headline but the news that the GoCompare adverts came out on top as the most complained about, to the Advertising Standards Agency is laughable, but also a poor reflection on the undercurrent to certain consumer actions in [...]

Interflora goes into Google’s Room101

Opinion is somewhat divided over the news of Google pulling the SEO rankings of Interflora, as a lesson for manipulating Page Rank via link buying. The truth of the matter was that Interflora stepped outside Google’s (well documented) terms and conditions and tried a shortcut, which is going to take one hell of a battle [...]

Free Speech – Constitution v Common Sense

Now whilst freedom of speech, and indeed freedom of expression are essential foundations of a civilised and free society, surely there is a limit to where freedom of speech can be used in order to protect people making false and malicious comments from redress, when the actions of the individual are less then civilised? Constitution [...]

Edible in Intellectual Property Magazine

Edible’s Lee Oakley was asked by Intellectual Property Magazine to comment on Product liability in the health sector in the wake of the PIP Implant scandal which Edible had previously written about with the article ‘PIP implants & online reputation of cosmetic clinics‘   When a brand hits global scandal In January, Poly Implant Prothèse [...]

Barclays Brand Reputation plummets

Barclays Brand Reputation plummets as Perception of Barclays’ retail bank brand suffers following the recent revelations that executives in its investment banking arm rigged lending rates between banks. The bank was fined £290m by the US and UK regulatory bodies, with £59.5m coming from the UK Financial Services Authority on Wednesday (26 June) after it [...]

Tesco hit by online reputation plunge

Tesco’s online reputation has seemingly mirrored the share price falls of late as reports have surfaced that customers are taking to social media sites to criticise poor service. Whether the shareholders will take to social media sites to criticise poor return on investment is as yet unknown! Kaizo Advocacy Index, a biannual audit examination of [...]

Reputation Watch – Jimmy Carr Tax Efficiency or Avoidance?

In terms of a reputation fallout it was pretty hard not to notice the singling out of Jimmy Carr and his accounting practices through Jersey based K2 Tax scheme this week, as was that of Gary Barlow whom was reported to have invested in a similar scheme with the firm Icebreaker Management Services. Now this [...]

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