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Google Adwords marketing and Yell PPC Reviews

For any small business looking to use Google Adwords marketing to increase sales or drive traffic to their websites, having a quick look online at Yell PPC reviews and those of other PPC agencies would be a wise first step. Not to single out Yell here but Yell is a name most people are familiar [...]

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DailyMail to start GoComplain Service

Don't worry the headline to this blog item is about as accurate and informative as a real DailyMail headline but the news that the GoCompare adverts came out on top as the most complained about, to the Advertising Standards Agency is laughable, but also a poor reflection on the undercurrent to certain consumer actions in [...]

Consumer Review sites disproportionate

Consumer Review websites are disproportionate in terms of online reputation management as perspective is something of a crucial word when it comes to analysing the context of some consumer based reviews on consumer websites. Especially when we consider that Tesco’s share price has actually risen since the horsemeat scandal, when most would have thought the [...]

Free Speech – Constitution v Common Sense

Now whilst freedom of speech, and indeed freedom of expression are essential foundations of a civilised and free society, surely there is a limit to where freedom of speech can be used in order to protect people making false and malicious comments from redress, when the actions of the individual are less then civilised? Constitution [...]

Tesco hit by online reputation plunge

Tesco’s online reputation has seemingly mirrored the share price falls of late as reports have surfaced that customers are taking to social media sites to criticise poor service. Whether the shareholders will take to social media sites to criticise poor return on investment is as yet unknown! Kaizo Advocacy Index, a biannual audit examination of [...]

Online Reputation Management – The Ethical question

Most people are aware of the term SEO and the significance of Search Engine Optimisation, and whilst ORM, or Online Reputation Management is a little way off yet in terms of the same recognition, it is one which will no doubt become an integral part of digital marketing as we move further into the realms [...]

How Far does bad brand reputation influence a consumer?

How Far does bad brand reputation influence a consumer? I ask this question genuinely as I debate it myself in so much as how far would I go in order to not use or buy a companies products or services as a result of their poor reputation? Most people in making this decision (and I’m [...]

TripAdvisor and Online Reputation Management

Its a busy time for TripAdvisor and Online Reputation Management as the UK Advertising Standards Authority investigation into TripAdvisor will see some key details and finding released from Feb 1st. For those not familiar with the investigation, TripAdvisor have been accused of being complicit in the posting of fake online reviews for hotels listed on [...]

PIP implants & online reputation of cosmetic clinics

It is no surprise that the PIP implants (Poly Implant Prothese) scandal has been very prominent in both the national and international press, featured heavily in online forum discussions and frequently mentioned on Twitter at #PIPimplants. The problem in the UK alone is worrying some 40,000 women with the substandard PIP implants. As a consultant [...]