Internet Marketing ConsultantLooking for an Internet Marketing Consultant? Want to know what an Internet Marketing Consultant does? You have come to the right place.

Also called online marketing, or digital marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting your business and its products or services via the internet using tools, techniques and disciplines that ultimately help to drive internet traffic, generate leads and sales, with a view to increase profit.

An Internet Marketing Consultant (thats me, Lee Oakley) is simply the person that has the skills and experience to look at marketing online from a holistic perspective. 

The Holistic Internet Marketing Consultant (hi, me again) then, is the person that can advise and implement the right marketing strategy for the right client, at the right time and will use one or more digital marketing disciplines such as; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Marketing (e.g. Google Adwords), Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more.

As you can see internet marketing a fairly broad term that encompasses a wide range of marketing disciplines, tactics and strategies which depending on the need work collectively or singularly to deliver that all important return on investment.

Your Website is NOT your Business

Unless you have an e-commerce shop the first thing I tell clients and start-ups is that your website is not your business.

I will use myself as an example. 

I have a website, it is optimised for search engines and I get business from it BUT my website is not my business, I am my business. My small but dedicated team are my business and my website is but one tool in the so called ‘marketing mix’.

My website is a brochure if you will. A snap shot into my world of internet marketing, SEO, etc and my means of communicating with my target audience but the actual business, i.e. what I get paid for, is the services I supply which I can only do because of the skills and experience I have had in developing the sales and marketing function for the businesses of my clients and the ones I am or have been personally involved in over the years.

Why Use an Internet Marketing Consultant?

The simple answer is that you want to improve your business or your brand, perhaps to increase your sales and profit and you realise that you need help, support and ideas when it comes to what is the best way to achieve this via the numerous online channels.

In short, internet marketing is more dynamic and engaging to the target audience and helps you reach more people, quicker and for less budget than traditional marketing.

How about some numbers:

3 x times the punch, near half the cost. Content marketing costs over 60% less than traditional outbound marketing channels, but it generates 300% more leads. 

Business Blogs drive more leads – If you’re a small business with a blog, you will see 126% more sales lead growth than your like for like competitors that are without a blog. 

Business Blogs drive more search engine rankings    If you have a blog for your business and regularly publish content, you are likely to get over 400% more of your web pages indexed on Google

What the Internet Marketing Consultant brings to the table

In addition to a firm grasp on the general principles of online marketing the key to engaging with a consultant is the strategy and planning. 

Any internet marketing campaign without a clear strategy will fail – it’s just the sad reality. 

To be successful an internet marketing campaign strategy must have a direction, a clear plan, the right tools to carry out the plan and a solid method to measure performance and react and adapt accordingly. 

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