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Here is a list of Edible SEO Liverpool Blog posts that cover online Brand  & Reputation Management.

Everything from your products and services, your customers and employees and your ethics, public relations and social media can influence your brand and its reputation so it pays to have a strategy in place to ensure that your risks are minimised.

Have a look at the posts and learn from the good, bad and the ugly that occur around us and if you wish to have some support in managing or repairing your online reputation then get in touch….

Fighting negative brand mentions can be like the proverbial whack-a-mole so the sensible thing to do is understand why you are getting the negative mentions and solving the issues before they have the potential to become bad online reviews

Edible can put in place systems and procedures to repair the damage to your brand and reputation and make sure that going forward steps are taken to ensure that history isnt repeated.

Boots Doing a Ratner – Reputation Suicide?

In doing some research on other notable ‘Doing a Ratner’ examples I found a Reputation Suicide near miss by Paul Bennett, a senior executive at high street chemists Boots. The phrase was coined after Gerald Ratner in making a speech to the Institute of Directors famously called his company’s products, “tacky” and “crap” and as [...]

Sony bans gamers unless they promise not to sue

Sony, whilst continuing to see its share price tumble month on month since the hacking scandal and threat to its online reputation broke in April, has gone and played an own goal that will be equally frustrating to those gamers who were affected. In a move that will do very little to bolster Sony’s online reputation [...]