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Google Adwords Campaign Management – PPC Marketing

Are you considering the use of a Pay Per Click / PPC Agency?

Whilst anyone can setup and manage a Google Adwords campaign there are a lot of areas for improvement that can drain your pay-per-click budget and have a knock on effect to the overall effectiveness of your PPC campaign success and it is our job to cut through the bullsh*t and work with you in a clear and transparent way to improve your Adwords campaign with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter etc.

The principles of SEO and PPC are heavily intertwined and improving website for PPC does impact positively on your SEO and vice-versa.

PPC Management isn’t a dark art or magic and with Edible only qualified marketeers (we dont employ account managers) will ever work with, consult with and liaise with our clients.

As a PPC marketing client it is your budget that is being wisely spent or squandered and whilst many Google Adwords resellers and agencies hide behind a curtain, were some wont even let you see your costs-per-click, at Edible we consult, research, act and improve with you involved at every step of the way.

As marketing professionals we apply the same ethos to PPC as we do SEO in that it’s no good targeting the wrong people with the right content or the right people with the wrong content. Once you have paid for your keyword to be clicked you should be confident of getting a return on your investment and its our job to advise you on how best to achieve this.

You dont need to know your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) from your CPC (Cost-per-Click) as we will explain what it all means, as any good and reputable SEO and PPC consultant should.


If your website doesn’t feature in the search engine results your business is invisible

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If you don’t market your website and make your site visible to the target audience you may as well stay off the internet and bury your hand in the sand


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Digital PR and Online Reputation Management to repair or reinforce your brand

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PPC - Pay Per Click

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Why Choose Us

      • No Sales or Account Managers – You will only ever talk to a PPC consultant / specialist
      • For PPC Liverpool, London, UK, or as far a field as China
      • Consultative sales and marketing approach to maximise return on investment
      • A holistic PPC marketing approach
      • Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook or Twitter ads and even PPC China or SEO Baidu
      • User driven content and keywords for maximum lead conversion
      • Appropriate Marketing strategies for your target market and industry
      • Ongoing support and In-house levels of service and accountability