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Lessons in PR Disasters – Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert

Looking at what Lessons in PR Disasters the modern marketings communications (MarCom) industry gives us the Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert has some good insight, not least the one of not hijacking a protest message and momentum to sell your product. Whilst small to medium businesses may make their own marketing mistakes, unless they are truly Doing [...]

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Boots Doing a Ratner – Reputation Suicide?

In doing some research on other notable ‘Doing a Ratner’ examples I found a Reputation Suicide near miss by Paul Bennett, a senior executive at high street chemists Boots. The phrase was coined after Gerald Ratner in making a speech to the Institute of Directors famously called his company’s products, “tacky” and “crap” and as [...]

Sony bans gamers unless they promise not to sue

Sony, whilst continuing to see its share price tumble month on month since the hacking scandal and threat to its online reputation broke in April, has gone and played an own goal that will be equally frustrating to those gamers who were affected. In a move that will do very little to bolster Sony’s online reputation [...]