Looking for SEO in Liverpool?

As with any normal search engine optimisation project the location of the SEO consultant to the client is usually of no great importance, all other things being equal, but if you are looking for a Liverpool SEO consultant/business then you are in luck.

Why Go Local?

Let us consider that for most small businesses there is a geographical (i.e. local) limit to which some people will engage with a supplying business. 

Even with SEO there are some people whom will prefer to have the opportunity have a face to face meeting from time to time and whilst our Head of SEO travels to clients in Europe, the US and all over the UK we are based in Liverpool and can therefore offer a more localised service in our home town.

Why Choose Edible?

When it comes to SEO the worth of any search marketing consultant is very simple to determine. You can see what search rankings they have for themselves and/or their clients.

It doesnt require inside knowledge, a marketing degree or even much of an understanding about how search engines work to see that we have Page One Google results for very highly competitive search terms for our own business and those of our clients.

If whilst assessing whether a Search Engine Optimiser is any good they don’t have any results to show/tell you about then that speaks volumes.

With Edible, you only have to ask and we will be happy to show you case studies and you are free to call our clients and check for yourself!

Plus with Edible SEO there is:

  • No Sales Bullsh*t – You will only deal with Search Engine / PPC Marketing Consultants who know what they are doing.
  • No Contracts – We work on a monthly rolling basis or for a set term. Keeps us focused and our clients reassured.
  • Holistic Approach – We look at the whole sales and marketing environment, not just Search Marketing and Search Rankings.
  • ROI over Vanity Metrics – First page on Google for meaningless keywords is for vanity, not profit.
  • Affordable and Approachable – we work with self employed, SME’s and agencies alike and can offer regular face to face support in London and anywhere in easy reach of our base in Liverpool.


If your website doesn’t feature in the search engine results your business is invisible

Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t market your website and make your site visible to the target audience you may as well stay off the internet and bury your hand in the sand


Digital PR and Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Digital PR and Online Reputation Management to repair or reinforce your brand

PPC - Pay Per Click

Google, Facebook etc

PPC - Pay Per Click

PPC campaign management for small or large budgets for maximum ROI

Online Marketing

Content Creation to Content Management

Make your Brand Stand Out

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Why Choose Us

      • Technical, National, International and Local SEO
      • Holistic SEO, Search Engine Optimisation for long term results
      • Consultative sales and marketing approach
      • Affordable SEO Services that pays for itself and maximises return on investment
      • User driven content for maximum lead conversion
      • Appropriate Social Marketing strategies for your target market
      • Online Reputation Management to repair or reinforce your brand
      • Ongoing support and In-house levels of service and accountability