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    SEO / Search Engine Optimisation Review & Consultation

    Put simply, having a great website isn’t good enough these days as you need your website to be found by your target market.

    Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which your website is improved upon in order to achieve higher results and website rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    How does SEO work?

    SEO is not magic or a dark art but something that will yield results to those who know what they are doing.

    It is a process of website improvement that has many factors (we refer to as ranking factors) that collectively contribute to a websites’s success. These include various technical, creative and marketing elements, both on your website and off it.

    It is our job to combine all of these elements, relevant to your specific business and your specific needs in order to achieve not just better search results, but to improve your conversion of your website visitors into sales in order to make your return on investment positive and as a direct result make your SEO campaign affordable.

    What does the Free SEO Review & Consultation include?

    An SEO Review & Consultation from Edible includes an in-depth look into your website, its current search position including any errors that are holding you back. It will also take your target market into consideration, all wrapped up in an open and honest appraisal of your search marketing potential.

    How to Take advantage of the Free Consultation

    On the form to the left, simply let us know your website and what your ideal keywords are, plus leave your contact information and we will be in touch within a few hours.

    *Our consultations are given under No Obligation.


    If your website doesn’t feature in the search engine results your business is invisible

    Search Engine Optimization

    If you don’t market your website and make your site visible to the target audience you may as well stay off the internet and bury your hand in the sand


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    Digital PR and Online Reputation Management to repair or reinforce your brand

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    Why Choose Us

        • Technical, National, International and Local SEO
        • Holistic SEO, Search Engine Optimisation for long term results
        • Consultative sales and marketing approach
        • Affordable SEO Services that pays for itself and maximises return on investment
        • User driven content for maximum lead conversion
        • Appropriate Social Marketing strategies for your target market
        • Online Reputation Management to repair or reinforce your brand
        • Ongoing support and In-house levels of service and accountability