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Are you wanting to market into China and need SEO

For an English speaking business looking to market themselves into the domestic Chinese market, the issues are plentiful and complex and aside from looking at Baidu SEO, Baidu being China’s leading search engine, there are language, cultural and legal barriers that need to be overcome. Luckily Edible Marketing offers a Chinese SEO Service.

Whilst Google is thought to be planning a comeback into China for now the Search Engine of choice is Baidu and to have a chance of getting your website ranked organically using Baidu SEO techniques or paid search including Baidu Pay Par Click version of Adwords you need an online marketing consultant that not only knows the technical aspects, but crucially can speak the language.

Why perform Baidu SEO?

Baidu has dominated the Chinese search engine market due to their ability to parse and interpret Chinese text more effectively than other Chinese search engines, in turn leading to higher-quality results like Google dominates UK and US search, Baidu SEO is your best option to expose your business to the largest target market.

Search engine optimisation on Baidu follows different some similar but some different principles and ranking factors to Google and as you might expect, as Baidu has the biggest index of Chinese web pages in the world, and indeed is entirely Chinese-focused it is very difficult to get a non Chinese website ranked on Baidu.

Add to this that the web master user interface is also only available in Simplified Chinese and you clearly see why having a native Chinese speaker is essential.

Web Translation and SEO in one place

If you already have your english website translated into Simplified Chinese great, but if not we can translate it for as part of our combined International SEO services.

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