Project Description

Hybrid Cylinders is a commercial spin out from a specialist research company in Liverpool that required branding, web site, offline marketing such as promotional materials for trade events, and online marketing including LinkedIn campaigns, Prezzi and SEO.

The focused business to business marketing campaign has directly led to the company winning new contracts with some of the largest flexible packaging groups around the globe.

Website and SEO

The Hybrid Cylinders website was done to a small budget with the business being a research led organisation and at the time, only in receipt of European Research Grant monies.

Despite the tight budget and with European competitors largely consisting of companies valued in excess of €200m, 1st page search engine results for the target keywords was achieved within 6 months.

International, National and Local SEO

With the company’s technology having a global appeal the focus of the marketing had to be wide in scope and whilst local search engine results were ideal the real need for the business was to achieve high rankings for its chosen search terms nationally in the UK, across Europe and the United States.


To support the organic search engine results a tailored LinkedIn campaign was implemented which has led to numerous commercial opportunities and growth potential.