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Edible Marketing – SEO Consultant in Liverpool

If you are looking for an SEO Consultant in Liverpool, whether you want to work with a local seo company, someone with local knowledge, or perhaps you want the opportunity for face to face meetings from time to time, Edible Marketing is all of these things.

The beauty of working with web based marketing services such as search engine optimistion and Google Adwords / PPC is that location plays no real part in our ability to perform for our clients.

SEO Liverpool / Wirral / Chester

However, whilst email, voice and Skype are perfectly acceptable forms of communication, sometimes a face to face rather than Face Time is simply preferable and with a base in Liverpool, Edible are very accessible to our clients wishing to meet locally or anywhere in the North West.

We have clients all over the UK, so for those outside of Liverpool that enjoy the face to face meetings we can and do travel all over the UK when so required.

Local SEO v Liverpool SEO

Regardless of Edible’s location the performance of locational search engine optimisation follows the same core principles of non local campaigns but the crucial element is that Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for a footprint in the target location, something that ties the business to that area over and above the competition. 

Many many years ago all it took was a ton of URL’s with the location in the title and at the outset you could even get away with pointing them all to the same website, although that didn’t last very long. Then you needed a little more content and individual websites (although single page sites would do). Bit by bit you needed more of the same and fast forward to today and unless you have a demonstrable foothold in that location it is all but impossible to get some SERP (search engine results page) rankings over those who can demonstrate better location relevance than you.

To illustrate the point further you are here on a page optimised for people looking for a Liverpool based SEO consultant or searching online for “SEO Liverpool” and as Edible has a Liverpool address, an 0151 telephone number and a plethora of online indicators and business citations supporting the notion we are based in the city, Edible ranks higher for local SEO factors than the competition.

In short locational SEO can be done regardless of our location. It is your location that matters but if you need and want an  SEO Consultant in Liverpool, we are right up your street, literally….

You may have a better product or service than the competition in the location you are targeting but without localised SEO your audience will never get to find out, so get in touch for an informal, no obligation discussion with an SEO Consultant and not a sales person or an account manager, but someone with answers to the questions you may have.


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Why Choose Us

  • SEO Consultant in Liverpool for face to face meetings across Liverpool at our location or yours
  • In the North West, ideal for SEO Wirral, SEO Chester and SEO Manchester services
  • You will deal with Search Engine Optimisation Consultants and Experts, not Sales or Account Managers
  • You will deal with Google Adwords & PPC Consultants and Experts, not Sales or Account Managers
  • SEO Services are Client & User driven for maximum lead conversion, not just vanity metrics like site visits
  • A combined Sales & Marketing Focus to harmonise your online & offline
  • Appropriate Social Marketing strategies for your target market
  • Digital PR and Reputation Management to repair or reinforce your brand
  • Ongoing support and In-house levels of service, transparency and accountability