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What is Affordable SEO?

For any company looking at making an investment in online marketing such as SEO and PPC the return on investment is crucial and as such ‘affordable seo’ should be a search engine optimisation campaign that not only pays for itself, but results in enough profit to justify its continuance.

Cheap SEO is very different to Affordable, just as much as a cheap car, cheap medications or a cheap lawyer may not get you the results you want or need.  But affordable when it comes to search results is one that is realistic to your budget.

When Cheap is actually Costly

Just like any industry, search engine optimisation has winners, losers, good guys and bad guys.

Whilst an SEO company in Liverpool (like Edible) doesnt have the same overheads as an SEO agency in central London, all other things being equal, particularly in terms the quality of service, there is room to offer a more affordable campaign based in location.

This way of thinking is a prudent avenue to pursue for any business. Getting the same exact service for less money and lowering your cost of business affects your profit so lower costs is an attractive proposition but when you start to engage in brand new companies (with no experience) or you outsource your content creation to someone with questionable language skills, you risk your brand being embarrassed and doing more harm than good.

Pay peanuts Get monkeys 

The reason ‘cheap seo’ can prove more costly is that is the true “cost” isn’t always immediate. It can take some months of working with a bad SEO company to realise that the cos to you have been more than to your reputation, particularly if you get a Google penalty.

Cheap SEO is ‘cheap’ for a reason and more often than not, corners are being good. Cutting corners will more likely than not, land you with a penalty.

So, even if the low-quality tactics work in the short-term, you will end up getting hit on soon or later. If your site does get penalized, you then have the prospect of having to hire another (non cheap) agency to get the penalty removed and undo all the bad work.

Whilst it is rare to get into the Google Room 101 and a fate only reserved for the truly black hat seo practices if you haired a cheap search engine optimisation company/freelancer to get you from 15th place and into the first page of Google, but then end up going backwards, what little revenue you got at 15th place can disappear entirely if you find your site now out of the top50.

Once your site gets a penalty, it’s a long road to recovery and iii actual fact, your previous traffic levels may never recover with Google keeping you on a tighter reign than before owing to poor trust.

If 75% of Google searchers don’t go passed the first 10 results, being on page 2 gives you a little traffic but can your business survive losing what little visibility you have, if your cheap SEO company screws up?

If you want affordable and holistic SEO that gets a return on your investment, then get in touch.

Edible doesn’t take risks with client websites, we have proven results and dont tie clients into contracts.


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